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What To Do About Flat Feet Pain – The No Surgery Approach

Are you having flat feet pains?

Are you looking for ways to go about this?

For practical answers to these questions and others, you will do well to continue reading. We will show you some methods to apply as regards flat feet pain. However, let us explain a little about flat feet. 

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To resolve flat feet pain without surgery- Engage in regular exercises. Adequate rest is also needed. Wear appropriate shoes and not tight-fitting shoes that irritate the feet. Make use of homemade treatments and massage with oils. – “what to do about flat feet pain”

What to Do About Flat Feet Pain—Meaning and Causes

Flat feet is a condition that describes when the arch on the surface of a foot is flat, less visible, or absent. It is a state that is characterized by the soles of the feet being plain on the floor in contrast to the norm. 

The feet are parts of the body that form the outer layer of the legs which touch the ground. They are used for walking, running, and leaping. They consist of muscles, joints, bones, soft tissues, bones, and so on. 

Furthermore, they are divided into the hindfoot, midfoot, and forefoot. The foot is usually raised up slightly beneath the inner part when an individual stands, walks, or sits.

In some cases, the feet may be plain on the floor and this is usually referred to as Flat feet or fallen arches. 

Flat feet can be experienced in various ways. For instance, when weight is placed on it, that is, when an individual stands or walks it becomes flat. On the other hand, it remains flat when no weight is placed on it.

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Most times, flat feet are painless if they are developed at childhood. However, it could be painful if it is developed through an injury or accident, obesity, arthritis, among others. Often, it affects the alignment of the knees, ankles, and legs.

Some causes of this type of feet could be hereditary, aging, pregnancy, cerebral palsy, muscular disorder, and so on. Flat feet lead to distress, movement imbalance, pain, and imperfect posture thereby affecting the overall wellbeing of an individual.

What to Do About Flat Feet Pain– Basic Symptoms

Flat feet pain most times is characterized by the following:

  • swelling 
  • discomfort in the legs
  • difficulty in walking, running, and jumping
  • pain in ankle, knee, arch
  • lower back,
  • Stiffness in the feet
  • Uneven weight distribution
  • Difficulty in wearing shoes and so on.

As stated earlier, this article is given to solving the problem of this type of feet pain. Considering this, here are some remedies to flat feet pain.

What to Do About Flat Feet Pain– Remedies

Flat feet pain can be relieved without surgery by:

Regular exercises like stretching the heels, calf raises, or rolling the feet on a golf ball


Use of appropriate shoes

Homemade treatment.

To start with, you should know that there is no one remedy or treatment for flat feet pain. This is because of the peculiarities and differences inherent in humans. The cause of these feet pain varies also with various degrees and complications.

You are to, therefore, go through the remedies below and find out what works best to achieve the desired result.

Two or more of the remedies can be combined. What is majorly important is that you choose the remedy that suits you without creating any side effects.

Here are some of the remedies:

Regular Exercises

Some of these recommended exercises include:

  • Stretching the Heels
  • Rolling the feet on a golf ball or tennis ball
  • Raising the arches as in form of tiptoeing
  • Towel curls
  • Calf raises and so on

This plays a very crucial part in easing flat feet pain. Most people with flat feet pain are advised to carry out exercises regularly to increase the flexibility of the muscles in the feet. 

This can also help to reduce the body weight on the feet. Stiffness of the feet which causes flat feet pain can be treated using this method. 

Exercises generally tone the muscles and help to make the body healthier. However, for flat feet pain-specific exercises help to reduce to flat feet pain.

Below is a video on some flat feet exercises.

Video: 7 Best Flat Feet Treatments – Ask Doctor Jo 

You must try as much as possible to avoid high impact activities like jumping or running as this can aggravate the situation. In severe cases, long walks should be avoided to prevent complications. 

The services of physiotherapists can also be employed to help in facilitating these exercises as this would serve as an added advantage. 

However, you should be careful of the type of exercises you carry out so as not to make things worse. It should be carried out slowly and consistently. If you cannot carry out intense workouts, you should be consistent in the little bits you do as this will still yield results.


Aside from exercises, rest is also an effective remedy for flat feet pain. Rest creates an opportunity for the tissues, muscles, bones, and nerves in the feet to relax. Sometimes flat feet pain is characterized by pain on the ankles, hips, and legs and this can be treated with sufficient rest.

Rest can serve as an effective therapy as it enables you to sleep; you cease from doing any activity that can cause stress and anxiety. Through lying down or sitting in an upright position with the feet placed above the ground, the tension or weight on the leg is eased. By and large, rest helps a lot in getting rid of this type of foot pain.

Use of Appropriate Shoes

Flat feet pain can be caused sometimes by wearing tight shoes and shoes that cause discomfort to the feet. 

You should always try to wear appropriate shoes or foot inserts that will make the feet less irritated. Rather than buying just any shoe, there are some healthy shoes for flat feet.  These include plantar fascutis, brooks, cobb hill, dansko, and Arcopedico among others. 

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Some of the factors to look out for when choosing shoes are the reels, crowding of the toes, softness, and comfortability. 

Homemade Treatment

You can try using homemade treatments like ice packs to prevent swelling or inflammation. You can also massage with oils like coconut oil, shea butter, and over the counter pain relief drugs like ibuprofen. Warm water can also be used to bathe the flat feet to reduce soreness.

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This treatment is effective in relieving flat feet pain quickly and easily.


If you experience severe pains for a long time, surgical treatment is advisable. You need to see a doctor to re-align the tendon to the arch and straighten the foot. Surgery is the last resort if flat feet pain is aggravated and can as well be avoided if it is treated early.

Finally, flat feet pain can become complicated if not treated with seriousness on time. You should, therefore, take note of changes in your feet. Eat a healthy diet as this can help to reduce the weight on the flat feet and take time out to go for medical check-ups.

What to do About Flat Feet Pain — Related FAQS

What’s Good for Flat Feet?

The following are good for flat feet: 

  1. Use orthotic devices and insoles
  2. Wear appropriate shoes
  3. Rest 
  4. Avoid high impact activities to reduce pain
  5. Avoid weight gain. This will help to reduce pressure on the feet
  6. Physical therapy
  7. Over the counter drugs like Ibuprofen can relieve flat feet pain
  8. Massage with oils like coconut oil, shea butter, etc.

Flat feet have their own peculiarity. Hence, the points stated above will help you live a healthy and pain free life with your flat feet.

How do You Massage Flat Feet?

Flat feet can be massaged by following these methods:

Method 1- Use a Golf ball

  • Get a golf ball or tennis ball
  • Place it on the floor
  • Put your foot on it 
  • Roll it with your foot 

This method requires that you exert a bit of pressure as you roll your foot on the ball. This will help to massage the arches and other parts of the foot.

Method 2- Heel Stretching

You can massage your flat feet by stretching the heels.  This involves the following steps:

  • Place the heel on a flat surface
  • In repeated turns, stretch it backward and forward
  • Bend the soles of your feet as you stretch to form a C- shape

You can repeat the process again. It helps the flat feet to be flexible and helps the arches to take its shape.

Method 3: Towel Curls

This method involves using a towel.

  • Place a towel on the floor
  • Put your feet on the towel
  • Using your feet, try folding the towel to form straight curls

It is a simple method. If done properly, it can help the arches regain its flexibility and repair the tendon tissues. 

Do Flat Feet Grow Worse Over Time?

Flat feet could grow worse over time when it is not treated. This is because it causes pain and weakens the tendons around the foot arches. It can also worsen the alignment of the ligament and lead to a permanent disability if it is treated with levity.  

You should therefore see a doctor for advice on what to do about flat feet so as not to incur complications and untold expenses. If it is discovered on time, treatment should begin as early as possible.

How Does Flat Feet Affect the Body?

Flat feet can affect the alignment of the body. It affects the general body posture while walking, sitting, standing, squirting, bending, running etc.

It is obvious as an individual carries out his daily activities. This is because the feet are an important part of the body. It can also affect the ankles, hips, thighs, and legs which can lead to pain, fatigue, distress, and bone dislocation.

It can also affect the body by causing swelling, irritation, and inflammations which might sometimes be painful.

How Do I Get an Arch Support for Flat Feet?

You can get home-made or readymade arch support for flat feet. They provide support for your arches. To make one you need:

  1. Scissors
  2. Quarter edge easy felt
  3. Shoe insoles

The steps involved in making an arch support for flat feet include:

  • Remove the insoles from your shoes
  • Measure the arch part which is usually at the center of the insole
  • Cut out a semi-circle of 3- inches from the easy felt
  • Place on the insoles to check if it fits
  • Trim the sides of the easy felt and attach it to the insole 
  • Make sure it sticks properly to the insole
  • Cut out a smaller semi- circle
  • Place on the top of the first semi- circle made from insoles
  • Put your insole back into the shoe and check if it fits.

Arch supports help to provide an alignment to flat feet. Repeat the same process for the other insole.

Do Ankle Braces Help Flat Feet?

Ankle braces can be used to provide support for flat feet. It realigns the talocrural, subtalar, and the inferior tibiofibular joints in the ankle.

Ankle braces help people with flat feet to gain stability as they walk, run, stand, or sit. It is also ideal for flat feet because it helps the arches to take shape. It relieves excess pressure on the arches of the feet.

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Also, it helps to position the arches rightly. This reduces the pain and discomfort that accompanies flat feet.